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Video Editing (motion graphics)

Morarr Webtech delivers exclusive mix of diverse forms of dynamic media and content creation.

Morarr Webtech give importance to best known quality in all its projects and motion graphics are not left out. Quality, attractive and purpose driven is the powerhouse of our completing policy.

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Process We Follow

The development process can vary different for every website that client brings to us.

Morarr Webtech love to assist our client to sort out, develop present products or even launch a completely new design to create a better connection between you and your audience.


Requirement Gathering

A requirement gathering is the procedure of recognizing your project’s precise need from start to finish. This development occurs during the project initiation phase.


Design, Wireframe, & Mockups

Design, Wireframe, & Mockups are three of the steps in the product development process. They allow UX designers to conduct testing at various level of the design process.


Prototype Demo

Testing prototypes is an ongoing process where the developers seek continuous validation. The prototype testing is the most successful method of knowing how a product will execute in the market before it is launched.


Changes and Confirmation

Changes are foreseeable for any website as to uphold on behalf of a client. Such requests can only occur for a large number of reasons but for simplicity to improve and to solve a new business challenges and at the end confirmation of changes.



Development is the setup and design of a process under definite need such as quality, cost and describing activities that need to be performed to meet objectives and to produce desired outcome. Development is one of the phases.



Deployment plan is a procedure that makes sure a software application is ready for delivery by giving team members details about backup plans, security and the definite role of each employee who is working. In deployment plans, employees try to generate a perfect client experience.


Support And Maintenance

Our range of support and maintenance services will keep the website running smoothly. We offer everything from monitoring to on-site maintenance. All comes with cost predictability, contractual precision and guaranteed best service.



Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process to perform for growing a website’s traffic from organic search results. Here are the four general steps of the SEO process: Get your technical right, find a keyword to target, create an optimized page and Build links to the page.

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